Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Inspiration part 1

These are my inspirations this week. And I also wish to have them.

I'm still stuck with burgundy colour, I'm trying to find a good pair of jeans in this colour but
it seems I'm not getting anywhere (help!). In this first part of inspirations is all about studs, leather, mint, boots, neon pink, beige, cuffs, golden details for me. 
And long hair, God how I want long hair!

What are your April inspirations? 
I wanna know!


Minxy said...

Amazing inspiration ;D

by ola said...

great :) love your blog and follow :)

Beatrycze said...

Great inspiration.

OrMARIJA said...

Inspirirajuće. Stvarno sve mi se sviđa. Bsš znaš odabrati lijepe fotke.