Friday, January 4, 2013


I got quite a lot of stuff in past couple of days so I decided to show you what I got. I've already worn most of these stuff because they rock! :)

Knee High Boots from Shoe be do Store

Nikes from Nike store, they were on sale, I bought them with my own money, and I love them and cannot stop wearing them!

I've just received this order from ebay today! I'm so happy that I got this phone case before going back to Rijeka- guys this was the fastest shipping ever in only 9 days from Hong Kong! If you're interested in seller, let me know in the comments! And these beads I am going to talk to you about in another post, but I got 300 of them here :) can you guess what I am going to do? :)

I got this for Christmas from my mum and I am so extremely grateful for this phone! It works amazing!

This make up pallete is from DOUGLAS and I got it from my aunt for Christmas. This pallete works amazing girls, it is really pigmented and long lasting! If you want me to do a re-view on this product let me know in the comments!

Again - A Christmas present from my mum, oh she knows me well - Lacoste "Pour Femme"-smells amazing you have to try it if you still haven't! And new "mania" in a fashion and beauty world- BUBBLES Nail Polishes, I still haven't tried it out, but when I do, I'm gonna give you a special post about it-mine's in purple, and my sister got it in white!

This is what my little sister gave me for Christmas and she knows me so well, and she knows how much I am obsessed with New York and New York City Print on anything. This is the box where I'm gonna keep some jewellry or something like that and she said she gave me this cooking glove because I started cooking for my boyfriend haha, also with this glove came the kitchen apron with the same print. This body wash is also from Douglas and smells delicious!

One of the favorite parts- my boyfriend gave me this necklace as a Christmas present and I love love love it so much! It was so cute, wrapped in a chocolate egg from Kinder! And also, he says that I remind him of a panda when I put my dark make up around my eyes, so he surprised me with this panda one day when he came back from town and I was sleeping :) How cute is that!?

This is such a gorgeous bracelet, my mum got it for me today when we were in town, and she got earrings for my sister and a coin wallet for herself from Accessorize. These 3 candles I got at the store Emmezzeta the other day, because I ran out of mine there in Rijeka where I study and I desperetely needed one! Mum also got me this Lush Popcorn lip scrub that tastes and smells amazing! I'm so excited to use it!

New Nailpolishes, I don't know how much I have them in my ever growing collection, probably 80 or something like that! I just can't stop getting them, they're so addicting!

If you follow me on instagram (@dollygoesfashion) you could have seen that I went to the mall with my sister and my mother to go some shopping(I didn't go shopping for 3 months, I tought I'm gonna die!) so I got these set of earrings from Pull and Bear for only $6 they're gorgeous, aren't they? Also, I got this necklace from my mum it's from Avon, and the brooch is a Christmas present from my Godmother.

I don't know if you can tell but these shorts are velvet-black velvet! They're from a spanish brand Stradivarius and they were on sale, I had to get them!

These leggings are from Zara that I've been eyeing for a month and they were so expensive that it hurts. But they're definetely worth it cause they're so comfortable, chic and go with everything! A woman that works in Zara told me there is going to be a Sale on leggings in February so I might get another pair(in different model ofcourse!)

This knitted vest is one of the most warm and cozy things I've ever owned! It's from C&A and it's a Christmas present!

And finally last but not least, a denim shirt!!! I am so happy and excited about this because it's my first denim shirt ever and I've been wanting one for a year or two but have never bought one because they were always somehow expensive to me. This one has a special design and I love it!

What did YOU get for Christmas? Did you go shopping on sales? 


Lucia Palermo said...

the make up pallete is very pretty!!!! Thank you for the lovely comment and for follow =)
I following you !!!
And I love the outfit on the zagreb fashion week (day 1)!!!!!


Laura Dittrich (Fashion Landscape) said...

Pretty boots! :) x

Fashion Landscape

Levi (tlnique) said...

Great gifts, lucky you! Love the boots:)

life is style said...

prekrasne <3

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Stilettos Diary said...

love love the boots..


Unknown said...

oh wow, the shoes and clothes look so gorgeous! i love the make-up palettes too! great gifts hun, hope you'll enjoy every single one of them :)

Unknown said...

Nice boots :)

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Parisian Fairytale said...

omg everything is so amazing! i have the same phone case in yellow, hihi :)
happy new year xx

Areeba said...

Lovely items. Yaay I am obsessed with Samsung Galazy mobiles :) Aww lovely Panda :*
Would you like to follow each other?
Let me know,

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Rachelle said...

OOOh these are fancy, Love it.


Bronzed Humanity said...

Great stuff! Love the accessories!
Hot Pink Day
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BubblesAndWindmills said...

i like so much the boots!

Emily said...

The black velvet shorts are gorgeous. I'd love to get some for myself! And I adore the leggings with the faux leather panel. Super hot.

May the force be with you.