Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas in Europe!

Event, organized by AEHT, Association Européenne des Ecoles D'Hôtellerie et de Tourisme, took place in the capital and in the heart of Croatia in Zagreb this year from December the 1st until December 7th. We hosted students from 15 countries and over 21 delegations that one week. They showed us their tradition in time of Christmas. We were all hanging out for one week, 24 hours mostly. This week has been the best thing that has happened to me in last few months, and for sure one of the best memories ever that I will keep in my heart. We were all crying when they were all leaving, and I really miss them all so much, I just can't stop thinking about them all. They are all such an amazing and beautiful persons. I hope I will see them as soon as possible. The countries that participated were: Portugal, Spain, France, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia and Italy.
Here for you pictures I've taken, and some are by my Portuguese friend Tiago.

The Westin Hotel:
 The overview of Zagreb from the 17th floor of The Westin Hotel
 José and Tiago <3

How do you like it? I love all the pictures and all people here <3
Have you ever participated in an even where you met so many people from all over the world?


Lucija said...

Predobra ideja i odlične su fotke - izgleda kao da vam je bilo fabulous!!
DSD je zapravo prošao čisto dobro, pismeni dio mi je bio malo težak. Ali zadovoljna sam :))


Sara - HangoverCHIC said...

lajkam jako ovaj event!!!cek...kaj ste vi spavali u westinu tokom eventa?wooow...slikice su stvarno super i drago mi je da si se dobro provela :)

Tiago Alves (PORTUGAL) said...

One Word it's all that we can say my dear: UNIQUE! I love it with all my heart. I never known that the World had just so many treasures spread in this land we call... EUROPE. MISS YOU <3

Unknown said...

what a great week!!

Thank you for your comment! I will definitely show you my dress on my blog on Saturday after we had our photoshooting at the prom!

and the extra long cardigan is by H&M!

hugs and kisses,
Theri from

Anonymous said...

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xoxo ♥♥♥

Disturbed Style said...

Great week :) And nice photo :)

Tesa said...

nice blog!

Tiffany said...

I love these photos!!
sighhh..wish I could spend Christmas in Europe

Michelle Lee said...

love this post!

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Phuong said...

sounds great

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N said...

looks nice :) i start to follow you! cheers :)

the golden rose said...

all of these decorations are so beautiful! xx sylvie

Beatrycze said...

Oooh. Christmas.

Love this decoration. and food.-.-