Thursday, December 15, 2011

Long week

Just a little sneak peek into what I've recently(yesterday) bought. Juraj Zigman is Croatian Fashion Designer. Very talented one.
This week has been full of rain, warm and comfy clothes, laughs, nerve break downs, studying, studying and more studying, happiness, jumping into plashes of water on the road and eating. As Christmas is coming closer I find myself eat more and more, but I can't resist haha. I will have to. Anyway, I'm going to Graz, Austria in few hours so I'm leaving you with this, until tomorrow or saturday, when I'll show you outfit photos and photos of Graz!  Until then, I want you to tell me how was your week?


Joanne Reinhardt said...

Omg you have a fab blog! Following now :)

xoxo, H

Unknown said...

so cute!