Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fashion Collage "Play with me"

I made this collage for my portfolio for the college. It's sporty but still stilish and trendy. I like how the pops of pink break the black and grey. Also this type of hats are really popular this season and for upcoming Fall.
Oh and, I love love love these shoes. When I earn some extra money I am gonna buy them on the internet (we don't have them here in my country).

What do you think?

Hot or not?


Borjana said...

WOW!Hocu da nosim ovo sada;)

Minxy said...

Nice outfit ^^

Inês Brito said...

So hot! ♥

LaJune16 said...

Hot ;)

Inês Brito said...

Thanks :)

.sabo skirt. said...

We love the look. Pretty!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Simone said...

Love the shoes!

Chica de Ahora

LILLIAN said...

great choices!
I have been looking for the perfect heel sneakers!
love those black ones!

if you'd like, check out and follow my blog too!

Xoxo Lil

Alfred Albert said...

Looking hot! I really enjoy the colors. And, why haven't I found this blog earlier? can we follow each other?

Prici said...

hot! i like it

Prici said...


Anonymous said...

Love all the items!
Your blog is so interesting too, I'll be glade to follow you :D

Anonymous said...

HOT!!! I can't get enough of those shoes!!