Thursday, August 16, 2012


Hat:H&M | Shirt: Old Boyfriend's | Jeans: OVS Industry | Shoes: Startas | Bag: Zippo

Yesterday way a christian holiday(is that a right word? correct me if im wrong) and first, me and my boyfriend went at friend's house where we made a barbecue, drank a lot of unhealthy soda and wine and played badminton. It was great. Later that night we went to village 10 minutes with car away from the one my boyfriend lives in. And this is what I wore. Love this worn out, washed out old Metallica shirt. I stole it from my boyfriend, it's too small for him anyways. :D and it reminds me on their concert here in Zagreb back in 2010. 30 000 people, old hits and rain - perfection.

What do you think? How do you feel about Metallica?


Katarina said...

svidja mi se! :)

Jiglycious said...

cool t shirt!!
following you now
hope wecan follow each other


Minxy said...

Nice shirt :D

Unknown said...

Nice outfit!! Love the hat :)

Jenee C. said...

Cute look dear. Wish the lighting was a bit better though.

xx Jenee C.

miasmode said...

What a cool tee. Love the pic :D


bubbles and windmills said...

love the hat touch!

Floor said...

Great outfit, I love band t-shirts :)
Thanks for your comment, I followed you! Maybe you can follow me back?

Unknown said...

lovelu outfit, thank you for your comment on my blog ;)
i'll wait you again.
see you soon.
have you a nice day <3

Jenna Hughes said...

sweet t-shirt!

Umbelinateviste said...

Cool t shirt!!
A big kiss

colibri esverdeado said...

I admit, Metallica have talent, but I never liked the band, I don't know why ehehe. But you look cute as always, don't be afraid ;) Kisses

Unknown said...

yeah,it looks very cool.I also like the Metallica t shirt.