Sunday, October 14, 2012


Yeah, I know. Long time no see. A bad blogger. Bad bad blogger. However, I moved. I already talked to you about moving to another city because of the college. Well it's not THAT exciting like people move in the United States of America. But here I am, studying tourism management when all my plans, hopes, effort, time and love have fallen in the water because of what? Fucking money. Because my family doesn't have a fucking money, nor does the country want to help out. But however the situation is I gotta keep going and moving if I want to achieve something in my life. This is the room I am in, my new room: This is how it looked when I first came:

And this is how it looks now, when I've put my stuff in it :)

Maybe it's not everything perfectly colour coordinated but I like it the way it is. When you lack the money you kinda find useful stuff for cheaper price :) you know what I mean, right?

Also, if you want make up collection video or closet tour, or even a room tour, let me know in the comments below!

How do you like it?


Perla Sanchez said...

I really like how you redecorted, esp. the flower :)

Unknown said...

super si sredila sobu :)

zaza said...

hvala na posketi i lijepom komentaru :)
svidja mi se tvoj blog i nadam se da cemo se pratiti ubuduce :D
ja tebe od sada pratim preko gfc, bloglovin, fb i lookbook :)
bilo bi mi drago ako bi uzvratila :)


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

you room looks amazing! i like it alot :)

Rainbow Gatherer said...

seems very cozy and I love the way you arranged your nailpolishes and jewellery. If you want it more cozy put a bigger rug on the center.

Beatrycze said...

I hope that everything will be wonderfull there :)
This room look so much better now :)

Dascha said...

I like your room!


Lucija said...

xoxo iz zagreba, prekjutaĨ ti je soba!

Unknown said...

Really nice your new room!
I like your blog!
I'll wait you on my blog, there's a new post
Have a nice day <3