Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recent Buyings, Gifts and Wishes

Good evening :)

Well, recently, I'm obsessing stores in malls which is, well not good for my savings for excursion, buuut i'll have to forgive myself, since it was my birthday and I got more money that I usually do :)
Where to start?

In Zagreb's main street opened new Zara store (3rd in Zagreb I think) and ofcourse I had to come in. Since everything was too expensive for me, I bought this beautiful, white, sleevless shirt with leopard heart on it, which I fell in love with when I first saw it.

Isn't it lovely?
Also, lately I developed some weird love over watches and I wished myself one beautiful, white one. I got this  GUESS watch from my family and I absolutely LOVE it.

I also have done my so boring black hat by adding some colourful feathers on it. Nothing hard, nothing too special, just something to dress it down with.

Well, I wouldn't be me if I wouldn't do crazy things of me, like colour my hair like no one in school does, or have strange things on my head [read: strange things to boring and people with no guts to do that] or clothes.. Now, I developed a strong wish for dying my hair liliac/purple, blue or pink! I'm not sure is it okay to put hydrogen on my hair because I really don't want to damage it so much, my hair is dark brown now and treated good. Should I dye it or not?

Purple/Liliac? Pink or Blue?  
Help will be welcomed :))
Thanks, bye <3

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