Friday, May 27, 2011

Tyler Ward and his music!

Here's to late night posts and melting down on how cute my boyfriend is ::giggles:

Lately, I am obsessed with Tyler Ward's music. It is amazing how this guy made it in this crazy world of fame, music and commercial things. This is something different, and guys, it really is worth listening. Somewhere on youtube I read that he turned down 5 Music Record Houses (not sure how is it in english) and he stayed independet.
He's from Colorado and has his own recording studio, he's helping other less known artists and talented people.

He also does covers, and i have to say, he does it SOOO GREAT!
He cooperates with those other artists too. Down there are 2 songs I LOOOVE.

1.  Falling -Tyler Ward ft. Alex G
2. Mary Song - Tyler Ward ft.Alex G and EPPIC

You should also check out covers.

What do you think about his music?

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