Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bye fun, hello torment!

Well, as the title says, my easter breaks are unfortunately over and school has just begun. There are 6 weeks left and these are gonna be hellish 6 weeks!
I've got so much to do, but so little time which frustrates me.
I've been over working myself for past few months and this easter break was such a welcome!
Actually, for the first time I feel that I've fully enjoyed the breaks.
I had an amazing birthday celebration with my family and friends, my best friend came to sleep over for few days and we were rocking the streets with our outfits,  I had a trip to my best friend's town to see him aaand someone so special <3 and it was really great! Now I have to start over working myself, which is everything but attractive and edit my grades in school, hopefully pass the SAT and TOEFL with good results! Keep fingers crossed for me :))
Here are some pictures of situations that marked this beautiful break!

And now, let's get to work :(

Well, have a nice day and I'll write soon :)

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