Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rainbow all over the sky

Hello :)

I have, again, neglected posting on this blog. Sorry for that. There's just too many things that have been going on in my life... Well, I wanted to take pictures of 2 outfits but ofcourse or I didn't have time or rain ruined my plans.
This weekend has absolutely been destroyed and I'm not sure what the hell happened and with what I desirved some things. Negative ones..
But there is one thing that was absolutely okay for me, and kept me "on the surface of the ocean" between crying and worrying about stuff, feelings and relations to specified person/s. My friend came from the other town, which is like, an hour away from Zagreb. I love how he can cheer me up, make me smile and just calm me down with his presence. I met him 4 years ago over my first blog which was about my favourite band Tokio Hotel. And, probably, he WILL KILL me because of this picture.

Hopefully he won't :Đ

Um, this weather is changing all the time here and today, was so freaking hot while I was on the mass that it burned my hands -.- but then, at about 7.30 pm it started raining, my mum told me to come look at the sky and there were 2 rainbows!!! They looked absolutely amazing! Here's the picture:

Oh, here are my new shorts, bought in TOPSHOP on a super great deal!

Don't you think this rainbow is superb? And do you like my new shorts? :)
Have a great beginning of the week!
Bye <3

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