Saturday, June 25, 2011

Recent Obsession


Although there are people that don't like romantic movies, I do. I enjoy watching them.

But, here's about the book. I bought this book half a year ago in english. I love reading books in english because it somehow makes more sense to me when it comes to romance and love. Crazy I know.
The story goes about this rich, popular & good looking guy Kyle. He's conceited, has gorgeous girlfriend, everyone loves him, his dad is news reporter at TV blabla. Then he plays out the girl from school Kendra, which is, btw, a witch. She puts a spell on him and makes him ugly. Makes him everything he hated and gives him a year to find his true love, someone who sees underneath, in heart, who doesn't care about the looks. Then he notices this girl Lindy and, as he cought up her dad sneaking into his house/garden he asked him to bring her to his house to live with him in return Kyle won't call the police. So he brings her in Kyle's house and she's gonna stay there for a year, in the end they fall in love and she tells him she loves him and spell is then broken.

Movie has quite a lot of differences with the book. I recommend you to read the book first and then to watch a movie.
Vanessa Hudgens plays Lindy, Alex Pettyfer Kyle and Mary Kate Olsen Kendra. I am so obsessed with this story that i've already watched movie 2 times in one day hahah. And I just soo love Mary Kate's role and acting.

Have you, maybe, already read this book or seen this movie? What do you think about it? Do you love romantic stories?

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