Friday, June 24, 2011

Postcards from Europe

Grüßgot! :)

I am back from 7 days trip to Austria, Slovakia and Czech Republik! I am so stoked and amazed by what I've seen, what I've experienced and who I've met... This have been the most wonderful 7 days in past 2 years!
Here are some pictures of the moments I've lived through.

I love Vienna and I love Prague! Both cities are wonderful to be in and to live in. I visited so many places in Prague, went 2 nights at the club Karlovy Lazne, which was amazing, parties we had in our rooms and shopping tours around the town.. but the biggest memory I will remember from this trip is Bring Me The Horizon concert which was in Prague on June 16th. Firstly, I had a ticket to one in Zagreb a day before going to trip but it was cancelled. Then, this date was destiny, as well as this concert. I went there with taxi, cause underground didn't work and bought ticket for it. Although I was 10-15 minutes late to concert I still made it to the first line and got Jona's pick. I enjoyed the concert so much, because I've been listening them since I was 14.

Well, I don't want to make this post too long so I'm gonna finish it here, although I have so many things to show you!
Gonna make one post tonight also.
Bbye <3

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