Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 1. New neon nail polishes. I've tried the orange one and it glows in the dark! They both were only $2!
 2. My boyfriend's reordered appartment for playstation tournaments and parties.
 3. My glowy neon orange nail polish and the outfit for the party.
 4. Drinks at the party!
 5. Making pancakes for my boyfriend!
 6. Coming back from the store
 7. My boyfriend's house
 8. Decisions, decisions, which outfit to wear? :D
 9. It's been raining cats and dogs outside.
10.  Outfit of the day.
 11. Learning Italian for the entering test at the college.
12.  Momma's lunch called student's party
 13. Outfit for the concert!
 14. The concert!
 15. Momma's lunch. Rice with mushrooms, chicken and cheese! Yummy!
 16. Golden sandals, I think about selling them, they're too big for me, a size or two. Who wants them? :D
17. Outfit of the day. Blue minty skirt and pastel peachy shirt.
 18. New blue playsuit(gonna show you guys soon) and new ballet flats(that killed my feet today :( )
 19. The playsuit. the new flats(for the prom when my heels kill my feet), new clutch for the prom and bracelets. And new shampoos.
 20. Green nailpolish, it's awesome!
 21. All the accessory for the prom
22. And prom heels!

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What do you think? :))


Anonymous said...

Od kad sam našla te lakove, samo njih furam hah! Super su ti slike <3

Mariely Crowne said...

Love the green flats!!

Beatrycze said...

great photos and nice nail polish. I had same some months ago.

Minxy said...

Fantastic polish nails ^^

LaJune16 said...

Lijepe fotke :)

TomorrowlandLady said...

Prelijep blog i sviđaju mi sesliek iz ovog posta.

Štikle su prediven :D

nahal said...

love those nails polishes!

hope you check out my blog soon :)

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