Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Wishlist Part One.

1. Mint Swimmwear from Gina Tricot
2. H&M Trousers
3. Lovely Hat (don't know where is it from, i think H&M)
4. Zara neon yellow necklace
5. Isabel Marant sneakers (at least wannabe Isabel Marant sneakers :D )
6. Zara Sandals

This is just the part one. I still have some other wishes too :))
What are your wishes for this summer? Where are you going to spend it?

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I also added one page on the left "Shop my closet", I'll be updating it, if you'd like you can buy it. :))


Laura said...

I love every piece!

Minxy said...

Nice inspirations

Unknown said...

odlicne su mi te sarene hlace, a i sve drugo je jako dobro :)
giveaway na mom blogu :)