Friday, September 7, 2012

New in: Forever 21, ZARA, MAC & Bipa

When I was in Vienna the first store I wanted to go to is Forever 21. Just because we don't have it here and I love their clothes. When me and my boyfriend left our luggage at the hostel room and took a short break of 45 minutes(we were driving 5 hours to Vienna!!), we then went to their longest street, ofcourse shopping street called Mariahilferstraße. Although the first store I wanted to go into was Forever 21, ZARA happened to be on our way closer than Forever 21. I entered just because it was still the "SALE" sign on the window but I didn't expect to find these gorgeous sandals I've been eyeing for quite long. I was beyond happy, there was only 37 size left, what happens to be my size which made me happier. And thank God all the nude ones were sold out because I would spend extra 30 minutes thinking shoud I buy the black or nude ones! And yes, they were only €20!!! I couldn't believe it. Take a look at my beauties:

Now, lets move on to Forever 21 haul, first off: When I first started shopping I bought the items you're gonna see now:

And then, when I was poor with my wallet in the end I saw a beautiful long cardigan in purple on sale for only €8, then I went to change some croatian money into euros and when I came back they had an extra action 1+1 gratis, my Lord were I happy or? I grabbed the cardigan(the last one!!) and beige maxi dress:

I inteded to go to MAC store to buy a new lipstick and when we were at Donau Zentrum I saw MAC at Douglas so I ran into it and bought the lipstick in literally 3 minutes! It's media by MAC, and you're gonna be seeing it very often!

And now, last but not least: things i've got from Bipa, a drugstore:

1. A curling iron! I am so excited about this guys, you can't even imagine! I've been wanting to curl my hair for long now and my mum got me this gorgeous curling iron that came with this cute metallic bag for it and with the hand glove. And I pretty much fancy more this curlin irons than the ones with the clip!

2. And L'Oreal Paris Hot Curl Studio specially designed for curls and the Schwarzkopf taft 3 Weather Heat Style Spray

So, how do you like the items I got? :)


Unknown said...

The shoes are faboulous!

Rakel said...

love your shoes!

Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

Wow, such an inspiration, love your work! :)
check out my new post if you have time

BubblesAndWindmills said...

WOW! Lovely shoes!!!

Adele said...

Killer heels!
Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
Enjoy your Sunday xoxo

Dascha said...

Beautiful shoes!!
Love it!


Unknown said...

Very nice outfit,and pictures!
Perfect combinations!

Unknown said...

Oh you really found some lovely pieces! I love the sandals and the MAC lipstick looks so pretty!! <3

Stop by some time:)


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Anonymous said...

There very pretty! I've also tried them on but they didn't fit me!

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Anonymous said...

wow love your shoes!

Unknown said...

Such a great collection. Those heels though are my hands down favourites! They are to die for. Thanks for stopping by my blog

xx Mandi

Emina said...

obožavam shopinge u Becu! ulov ti je super!

Jenn said...

The shoes are amazing.

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