Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Nailpolish: Essie
Jacket: Unknown
Long Sleeved Shirt: Gina Tricot
Hat: Unknown
Bag: Gina Tricot
Earrings: Unknown
Sneakers: Romwe
Skinny jeans: Unknown

I know you're missing some of my outfits, I've had plenty of ideas and worn them out. But you know when you're new at the college and everything and everyone is completely new to you, you don't really feel comfortable with posing in front of someone you don't really know. So, as for that matter - of missing my own outfits- I created an outfit virtually. Also, in 2 days, I'm going back home and I'll be there 10 days so I will have more of my outfits to show you, I believe. Until then...

What do you think about this outfit?

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Yeah, I know. Long time no see. A bad blogger. Bad bad blogger. However, I moved. I already talked to you about moving to another city because of the college. Well it's not THAT exciting like people move in the United States of America. But here I am, studying tourism management when all my plans, hopes, effort, time and love have fallen in the water because of what? Fucking money. Because my family doesn't have a fucking money, nor does the country want to help out. But however the situation is I gotta keep going and moving if I want to achieve something in my life. This is the room I am in, my new room: This is how it looked when I first came: