Friday, May 27, 2011

Tyler Ward and his music!

Here's to late night posts and melting down on how cute my boyfriend is ::giggles:

Lately, I am obsessed with Tyler Ward's music. It is amazing how this guy made it in this crazy world of fame, music and commercial things. This is something different, and guys, it really is worth listening. Somewhere on youtube I read that he turned down 5 Music Record Houses (not sure how is it in english) and he stayed independet.
He's from Colorado and has his own recording studio, he's helping other less known artists and talented people.

He also does covers, and i have to say, he does it SOOO GREAT!
He cooperates with those other artists too. Down there are 2 songs I LOOOVE.

1.  Falling -Tyler Ward ft. Alex G
2. Mary Song - Tyler Ward ft.Alex G and EPPIC

You should also check out covers.

What do you think about his music?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Variable May

Have you ever felt like, when putting all your heart and effort in a friendship to make it last, to be a good friend, being always there whenever that certain person needs it; have you ever felt like this all just ain't enough?
I'm really fed up with fake friendships. It's like, I met her 3 years ago and already in first year of our conversence she hurt me. I forgave and kinda move on, we had better connection and we were hanging out. I accepted her the way she is, but the thing is, she keeps hurting me. It doesn't make sense to retell the story now, but she's not even talking with me, she cannot look me in the eyes because of what she has done. I just can't understand how did I desirve all that shit? Don't get me wrong, I don't think that shit only happens to me, but I find myself a good friend. Ofcourse, I am consciouss that I make mistakes, and I'm consciouss of my drawbacks... but that's just not a good reason to be a bitch towards me when you know me for so long and know my contemplation on things. Like, I would really appriciate and like to hear the truth even if it hurts me. You must agree that this beautiful mask is showing exactly what I am saying here. She's all pretty from the outside and her fake behaviour looks just like you'd wish someone is acting towards you, but from the inside she's just an insecure, lying, and not good enough friend. I kinda feel sorry for her, cause she's not gonna change ever. Thinking about all this situation made me ask myself questions and quiz myself as a person, but you know what? She isn't even worth it, no one is worth it. I'm done with that "friendship".

Now, let's move to some better, happier topics. :)

Last weekend I spent in Koprivnica with my boyfriend and bestfriend. I had an amazing time. We invented our salad, watched Season of the Witch with Nicolas Cage, and met with my boyfriend, spent some time at my friend's home and then in the midnight went to the playground 10 minutes from his home. It was so nice to lay down on the blanket, listen to Airplanes[B.o.B. ft. Hayley Williams & Eminem-it's such a pleasure to hear Hayley's and Eminem's voice!], look at the stars and talk. On Sunday I had to go home unfortunately :( 
I can't wait for the June 4th to see my boyfriend :D <3  
It seems like this post will be long, sorry. I am so busy over the week that I barely can come online to check my mails. It's such a snort in school that I can't wait it to finally end. As soon as I deal with all the subjects[17!!!] I'll be more often on here. 
I'm home today and just enjoying with Elle, black tea I got from London and some snacks =)

And here are some things I've recently bought :

Where did I buy it?
1. Short black skirt - H&M
2. Round Peace Sunglasses w/ american flag - La Rocka
3. Light Pink Shirt - New Yorker
4. Over-knee Pink Socks with pink bow[with dots] - Tally Weijl
5. Catrice Copper Nail polish on great deal - Kozmo
6. Catrice Heaven Blue Nail Polish - Kozmo

This is it for this time, I'm gonna blog soon, again!
Um, almost forgot to tell you, soon I'm gonna be posting some outfits, so stay tune! :P

Love,     Dolly

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recent Buyings, Gifts and Wishes

Good evening :)

Well, recently, I'm obsessing stores in malls which is, well not good for my savings for excursion, buuut i'll have to forgive myself, since it was my birthday and I got more money that I usually do :)
Where to start?

In Zagreb's main street opened new Zara store (3rd in Zagreb I think) and ofcourse I had to come in. Since everything was too expensive for me, I bought this beautiful, white, sleevless shirt with leopard heart on it, which I fell in love with when I first saw it.

Isn't it lovely?
Also, lately I developed some weird love over watches and I wished myself one beautiful, white one. I got this  GUESS watch from my family and I absolutely LOVE it.

I also have done my so boring black hat by adding some colourful feathers on it. Nothing hard, nothing too special, just something to dress it down with.

Well, I wouldn't be me if I wouldn't do crazy things of me, like colour my hair like no one in school does, or have strange things on my head [read: strange things to boring and people with no guts to do that] or clothes.. Now, I developed a strong wish for dying my hair liliac/purple, blue or pink! I'm not sure is it okay to put hydrogen on my hair because I really don't want to damage it so much, my hair is dark brown now and treated good. Should I dye it or not?

Purple/Liliac? Pink or Blue?  
Help will be welcomed :))
Thanks, bye <3

P.S. All pictures of these girls were taken on

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bye fun, hello torment!

Well, as the title says, my easter breaks are unfortunately over and school has just begun. There are 6 weeks left and these are gonna be hellish 6 weeks!
I've got so much to do, but so little time which frustrates me.
I've been over working myself for past few months and this easter break was such a welcome!
Actually, for the first time I feel that I've fully enjoyed the breaks.
I had an amazing birthday celebration with my family and friends, my best friend came to sleep over for few days and we were rocking the streets with our outfits,  I had a trip to my best friend's town to see him aaand someone so special <3 and it was really great! Now I have to start over working myself, which is everything but attractive and edit my grades in school, hopefully pass the SAT and TOEFL with good results! Keep fingers crossed for me :))
Here are some pictures of situations that marked this beautiful break!

And now, let's get to work :(

Well, have a nice day and I'll write soon :)