Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) Fashion

Have you ever heard of the Pretty Little Liars? The series run TVs for the second season, and I'm again pretty much obsessed with it. A year ago I started watching it with my friend, but then stopped. Now I downloaded the whole first season and finally watched it. The story goes about 5 friends: Allison, Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hanna. One night Allison dies and girls suddenly start getting text messages on the phone signed with "A" who discovers their biggest secrets, and A stands for Allison, the only girl who knew those secrets. Anyway, I couldn't but notice how Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna dress good! The most interesting to me is Spencer Hastings, aka Troian Bellisario. Take a look:

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas | Sretan Božić!

HO, HO, HO! Merry Christmas! I just stopped by here to wish all of you and your families a very joyfull and Merry Christmas! I hope all your wishes come true! :) This is how my grandparent's tree is decorated :) The tree isn't the prettiest but hey, it has a pass! :)

HO, HO, HO! Sretan Božić! Samo sam svratila ovdje da vama i vašim obiteljima poželim sretan Božić! Nadam se da će vam se sve želje ostvariti! :) Ovako je okićen bor kod mojih djeda i bake :) nije najljepše drvce, ali može proći, zar ne? Tu su i neke slikice moje sobe! :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dear Santa...

Would you please, please get me some of these?
 Mickey and Minnie Mouse Rings! Whoever gives me this I'm theirs forever!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

NEW in my closet

HELLO LOVES, I was in Graz with my school so I decided to show you what I got. Graz is pretty much known as "shopping city". I guess everyone from this part of Europe goes there to shop, they have killer discounts!! I only had about 65 Euros and couldn't get so many stuff I wanted. In H&M they have a looot of knits on discount, really amazing deals! This is the main street in Graz and YES those are trees that are hanging from above :) Tip: If you're going to Graz, shop on the main square and this street, I found there better stuff than in shopping center called Seiersberg!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Long week

Just a little sneak peek into what I've recently(yesterday) bought. Juraj Zigman is Croatian Fashion Designer. Very talented one.
This week has been full of rain, warm and comfy clothes, laughs, nerve break downs, studying, studying and more studying, happiness, jumping into plashes of water on the road and eating. As Christmas is coming closer I find myself eat more and more, but I can't resist haha. I will have to. Anyway, I'm going to Graz, Austria in few hours so I'm leaving you with this, until tomorrow or saturday, when I'll show you outfit photos and photos of Graz!  Until then, I want you to tell me how was your week?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas in Europe!

Event, organized by AEHT, Association Européenne des Ecoles D'Hôtellerie et de Tourisme, took place in the capital and in the heart of Croatia in Zagreb this year from December the 1st until December 7th. We hosted students from 15 countries and over 21 delegations that one week. They showed us their tradition in time of Christmas. We were all hanging out for one week, 24 hours mostly. This week has been the best thing that has happened to me in last few months, and for sure one of the best memories ever that I will keep in my heart. We were all crying when they were all leaving, and I really miss them all so much, I just can't stop thinking about them all. They are all such an amazing and beautiful persons. I hope I will see them as soon as possible. The countries that participated were: Portugal, Spain, France, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia and Italy.
Here for you pictures I've taken, and some are by my Portuguese friend Tiago.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


ALTHOUGH I am so late with posting this outfit, that I wore a week ago, I'm still posting it. I think burgundy colour and leopard pring make the winning combination, especially now in this winter time. The thing I would change in this outfit is that I would wear black anke boots, and I wanted to put them, but I was going to school so I didn't want to wear high heel. This oversized sweater kinda reminds me of the sweater you would wear when sitting on the couch by the fireplace and big Christmas tree and listening to Wham! with the hot chocolate in your hand, don't you think?

THIS WEEK, from thursday December 1st until today December 7th, has been such a blast for me. In last post I mentioned you and invited you to visit me at the Westin Hotel in Zagreb because of an event called "Christmas in Europe". I am so sad that it all ended already. Although in these 7 days I only slept for maybe 24 hours in total and were out of my house most of the time I am so happy that I participated in this manifestation. I met amazing friends from Portugal, France, Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Spain, Bulgaria and ofcourse my dear Austria. We cried our eyes out yesterday night and this morning when they were all leaving. I really hope to see them all again, once in my life cause they all are such an amazing persons. I learned about other cultures, way of life, food, drink and fun I will keep all the memories with me forever. More about that in next postS.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


IT'S ALL ABOUT THIS PUFFY, BEIGE AND COMFY VEST. I swear it is! I absolutely love it. When I was buying it, actually when my mum was buying it to me, I was a bit sceptical about wearing it, because I've never been one of those girls who wear girly girl stuff. But when I started wearing it I totally loved it! It's freezing outside, and honestly I'm not sure has Croatia seen Autumn this year, so basically winterish 2 or -2 celsius degrees and I'm usually wearing this black coat to keep warm, but this vest is filling it and I'm never cold with it! Plus the colour is beautiful, if I could I would get it in another colour too, 2 pieces would be just fine :) 
The bag is from the market that I showed you in this post and it was love at the first sight! 
I added a pop of nice pink colour on the lips just so the outfit wouldn't be boring, and monotoneus beige-black :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

NEW IN: Oversized Bag

Nope, it's not the real Birkin, ofcourse. I'm too broke for a piece of the real one. I picked up this one at market for about 34 dollars. I love how big it is, the black colour. For now it is the perfect one, I've been searching for a bag like this forever.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration

Oversized Sweaters, all the knitwear for winter, red ankle heels, black wedges for winter, big scarfes on male's section at Zara, black oversized bag, Christmas Starbucks, pink hair with undercut, peter pan collars, gothic accessorize and spiked bows, dark lips, faux fur vests and leopard print coats.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ona ustaje u zoru dok još nitko nije budan. želi ostvariti zacrtani san.. sa svoje dvije male ruke radi od jutra do noći skrivajući da je umorna,kad stigne kasno kući tad iz svijeta se isključi počne radit što joj je najmilije

I came to Croatia's national and university library to find some material for my graduation exam. Ofcourse, I kissed the door, together with my friend. We had to sign in and ofcourse pay but we didn't have money with us so we gave up and went to take some pictures, poor he, he froze there in front of the library because of me and my pictures haha. After taking pictures we went to have lunch and back home, tonight I'm going to a friend's place on a party :P  Keep reading to see my new babies in closet!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Colourful Stripes

Yes, you see it good. It's an outfit post. Haha. Sorry, really. I'm gonna try harder, it's just all that stuff for school, preparations, exams, babysitting my brother, editing the essay.. So many stuff to do, and so little time. I hope I'll manage to do everything in time.
The sweater I'm wearing is an old thing, my mum gave it to me, I think it's about 20 years old, maybe more, but I like it, it's comfy and warm! I bought this bag in Vienna on my excursion in the center of town for really good deal! I'm sorry for the faces but sun was glaring into my eyes and I couldn't see a thing, although outside was a sure zero or minus. Freezing. Freezing.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Again.. NEW IN!

I spent a lazy Sunday, just moving around the house, searching through the internet, watching reprise of the Twilight on the TV, YES, Twilight, love that thing.
Anyway, I also went shopping, I just had to, and it made me happier right away! Look what I've got:

Friday, November 11, 2011


Yes, they really are somewhat of my obsession. I bought these two beauties today after school. I've tried the gold one in wednesday and I really liked it cause it fits perfectly with autumn colours. The purple/green one I just saw today when I was buying the gold nail polish. They're called "Make it gold" and this one is number 67 by Essence and "Where is the party?" and is number 43 by Essence. I've already tried  purple/green one, and here are photos for you:
The transition between purple and green is amazing, if you watch it from above it's purple and if you watch it from the corner of 90° it's green. You can see it from the bottle and it's not fake, it really looks like that.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Interior Design: Bedrooms

Have you ever dreamt of the house like this? Having not 4 rooms but 4 times a four. Wouldn't it be nice? Ofcourse it would, but to be honest, I think I wouldn't feel that comfortable in that big house like this. The reason why? Because I've been living in an apartment of 36 square meters for my whole life, and watching all those movies with big houses, naah, not my cup of tea. This probably will sound hilarious, but the bigger the house, is the bigger chance for murderer to kill you is. Haha. However, I would like to have my own apartment, ofcourse bigger than 36 square meteres. A kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and a big closet with office. I will fight with teeth to earn my place in field of which I will be studying, after the college, you know. I really wanna have a nice life, better than my mother had. An apartment, and nice job so I could help her with life expenses Here are some inspirational photos that I found on :

Sunday, November 6, 2011

White Sands

I wore this outfit yesterday while going to shopping center, City Center with my friend.
Not much to say, just put jeans on which I put studs I talked to you about in previous post, white converse, white cozy sweater and my only blazer, real blazer. Also, my grandmother made this bag I wear here. And, I found an amazing dress in TOPSHOP/ Miss Selfridge/ Dorothy Perkins on discount. They have sale in the whole 3 shops, I've already seen more things I want to buy!! :D Take a look at the rest of the outfit photos and my new dress, I told you this winter be all about dresses :D

Friday, November 4, 2011

I could really use a walk in London now

I've just made this piece in polyvore, named it "I could really use a walk in London now", thinking of Fall colours, the smell of the rain and fallen leaves in Hyde Park in London. Dying over these pieces in this set. Faux fur coat-I've never worn one and I would so love to try it out soon, although honestly I wouldn't wear it in school, I just don't think it's appropriate. Skinny jeans, my 5 years old love, in one of my favorite colour-red combined with cream colour of the shirt with print and chunky heels. I love chunky heels, in one point because they're gorgeous in the other because they are stabile or steady. Whatever the words is, you got the point, right? John Lennon rounded glasses matched with beige bracelet with skulls, headband and chanel burgundy colour lipstick, which is perfect for Fall. Fendi bag as one of the main characters here, in black and perfect for most of the outfits. How do you like it? Would you get another shoes or bag? Would you choose another colour of jeans or lipstick colour? Tell me your thoughts!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello November!

And, here we are. At the start of November. I cannot believe how time passes by so fast! It feels like yesterday was August and I was running with a beer to see Rise Against performing live at the main stage at Sziget Festival in Budapest. Now I'm in the middle of school fighting for best grades, and struggling with laziness that Fall brings. I hope everything goes fine for you guys and that you're getting ready for Christmas! *Oh I'm so excited!!*  Here are for you photos of the look of the day. Hope you like it!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hey guys! Happy Halloween to everyone! Here are for you photos of the Halloween party I attended but on saturday night, I didn't make a costume cause I didn't come up with anything affordable or something I've already had in my closet, so I just put black shorts, suspenders, white T shirt I made (the one I had for Fashion Week in Croatia), my new creepers and dad's denim jacket. I had black lipstick, very appropriate for the occaison although I people couldn't stop staring. It was tradition to come to this club, cause I had been there for the first time in 2008 when I was freshmen in high school and had to close the tradition now in 2011 when I'm senior since hopefully I am leaving next year. I hope to celebrate the real Halloween in the States and to experience real trick or treat. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I'VE BEEN SUFFERING for these for a long time now, about 2 months and I've finally got them! Ofcourse they're not real creepers, but hey they can help! These were about 47 dollars at H&M and I really hope they won't fall apart! 
Sorry for the dirt on them, but I wore them yesterday at Halloween Party in local club.
Will tell you about that later, in some other post. :)  
Actually, these by ASOS are quite adorable, and ofcourse I want one pair of these too :D
I'm one of those that love edgy looks so, that's why I love them. :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DIY Shirt with crosses and fringes for fashion event

FRINGES&CROSSES. An obsession that lasts so long for me. I paired this DIY shirt I made 2 months ago with leather shorts, biker boots, and denim vest that has big leopard cross on the back, that I made myself too. I still didn't get the rest of the photos, something's wrong with my email but I promise soon they will be here. And no, unfortunately, this beautiful camera isn't mine, but my friend's Lucia :)
And yes, I do have black lipstick and yes I wore it on a fashion show, not a surprise for me :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cro-a-porter 2nd Night

I DIDN'T attend the first night of Cro-a-Porter, Croatia's fashion event because of my immunity system which failed. I participated in game at their Facebook Page and won 3 tickets for 3 shows: ELFSXenia Design and ZIGMAN.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It will all be worth it...

In the end. One day. Soon. You'll see... I'm sorry guys I'm not gonna be able to post outfits or anything in next few days because of upcoming exams in these next 3 days... There's just too much to do, and physically I will not be able, so sorry, no hard feelings, gonna post on saturday and return all the comments :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday City Lights & The Movie

AFTER classes on saturday have ended I went to see the review of universities in Student Center where my mother works. Found some interesting colleges but they are the plan B, ofcourse, and I hope I won't have to use the plan B, honestly. When I came home I agreed with my friend to go to the cinema to see a movie, cause we are freaking bored and have no social lifes lately. We went to see "Footloose" and fell in love with the actor, Kenny Wormald who is, by the way, HOT. He really has a nice smile, and dances like WOW. You should give a shot to the remake of the old movie, and to Kenny ofcourse :D
For the movie I had a different outfit, but I only have the picture where you can see it in half.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Hey guys! Thanks for nice comments, I appriciate it!
I am so without any will for anything. I have to study, but I am too lazy. I have to go to school tomorrow, which in one hand is okay for me cause this way or that way I would stay at home over the weekend and had NO fun, so at least I'm gonna be surrounded with people for couple of hours more, in the other hand is not okay because I am so tired, and all I wanna do is lay on the bed and sleep for hours and hours. I wanted to take some photos of the outfits, but I guess none of the "friends" is free. At least one is too lazy to help, huh? Anyways, I 'm sorry for spreading a bad energy here, but it's a blog/diary , I can say what's on my mind right?
Here's what I made in polyvore, few months back, but I think it would fit this wather somehow.

What do you think? 
I love these heels by Alexander McQueen(r.i.p)
Dolly, xo

P.S. Enter this great giveaway HERE to win this gorgeous satchel!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Androgene or School Girl?

Here are for you photos of my today's outfit that I wore to school. :)
Missed outfit photos? :D

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall/Winter Wishlist

And while everyone else is having fun outside, I sit here on the bed on saturday evening alone with computer, covered up with layers of clothes, because the temperature has drastically fallen down for 15°C degrees 2 days ago literally over the night, and I wish for all those nice Fall clothes I've seen in stores at the center of town and on online stores. I made "few" sets of what I wish to have this fall, half beginning of the winter but still the winter whish list is about to be completed through fall and new collections.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Postcards from Slovenia

Here I am with my postcards, I hope you're gonna like them and see how much a person can enjoy there! It's really beautiful.
First, we visited Kumrovec, the birthplace of Marshal Tito, the president of former Yugoslavia. On the pictures you can see how people lived there before, it's an Open Air Museum :). Then we visited
Thereme Olimie. A Hotel complex with few hotels, aquapark(which was closed) and saunas, spas and thermes. Guys, the hotel is amazing!! Ugh, we could just wish to go there! Actually it's not that expensive, 198€ for a weekend and everything is included!
After therms we visited a farm called "Deers reef", deers are first that will welcome you when you enter the farm, you can feed them, buy bacon, hazelnuts, jam etc... You can also have a lunch there. By the reef is Chocolate shop. It's a small manufacture by one family that makes choclate by themselves. It's so delicious, I recommend you! Here are the photos:

Monday, October 3, 2011

Burgundy's calling my name

So today, I went on a field trip with my school to Olimje, Slovenia. And this was my outfit of the day. I chose this cozy sweater from Dorothy Perkins and matched it with high waist Replay's shorts and dark red/burgundy coloured leggings and Startas shoes. Although outside was 25+°C it wasn't that hot at all, just so comfy.
I fell in love with this leggings and these are very old, 22 years I think, when my mom was younger and my age haha. The bag is from Stradivarius. Postcards post comes in next days.. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Introduction: My Wardrobe

Just wanted ti introduce you with my small but over full wardrobe! I wish I had more space for it!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Postcards from Pag (Part I)

Here are for you some postcards from the Island I visited, these will be in 2 parts :)
No "thursday inspiration" post today, gonna make it another day. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Leopard chased me

Here's another of my outfits for you, hope you like it! And tomorrow is shopping night and there will be discounts in some of the stores! I hope to find nice discounted stuff and also a gift for my friend! Enjoy the photos and give me some nice comments kay? 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back to black

I am back from the trip and bringing you some outfit of the day photos! Hope you like them! I'm also gonna put "Postcards" post but tomorrow or some other day! Excited?

Friday, September 23, 2011

A trip to the island of Pag + giveaway winner!

In an hour or maybe less or more I'll be on my way to the island of Pag. A beautiful Croatian island where I spent many of my summer days, but haven't been there in 2 years. I couldn't even imagine that packaging will be so hard! I'm gonna shoot some outfits, well a lot of them I hope. We are going to see my stepfather's cousin's newborn baby called Fabian! I love babies and can't wait to see him finally!! And Fabian's dad is American so that makes me even more excited, hope he can help me with enrolling at college!!
Here are the photos of the clothes and shoes i packed:

Although only 4 of you participated in my first giveaway, I'm not gonna be sad, well after all it's only my first giveaway. And the winner is Marija Mikulić from Moda Febbre
I picked out the winner through true random generator:
For other girls, I'm gonna have some more these, so don't be said :))
So, that's it and I'm leaving you now, i hope to find WiFi at the island to update you with pictures, stories, and other!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Inspiration: Overwhelming feelings and other

And I would rather have this wonderful flowers instead of my swollen, crying eyes. I would rather taste Vanilla Latte from Starbucks than the bitterness of sorrow and wet tears in my mouth. And I would rather sit at the top of the building and watch the moon than be between my dreams and someone I care about too much. Why should I choose one of them? I don't wanna choose, I want both of it. And I am 100% sure it can come true. I know WE can make it come true, if we would only try. Try harder, fell deeper in love. If we would just Wait.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Postcards from Glina

I spent nice weekend in another town at my friend's birthday party/sleepover. It's a small town with houses settled like in the States, in some places, but streets are a lot smaller than in the USA. We went to the river to walk in it, take pictures, then to her home to take some rest, we played Singstar, listening to good old Bon Jovi and 80' and 90' music and enjoyed Becherovka, the national Czech Republic drink that I adore, guys I can tell I FELT PRAGUE IN MY MOUTH AND IT BROUGHT ONE OF THE BEST MEMORIES BACK AGAIN, which I was so happy about. In the club was okay too. I didn't wear anything special over the day, just an relaxing outfit, denim shorts, sandals and my friend's gift from Barcelona shirt. For the night I wore a dress, cardigan(because there's a lot colder than in Zagreb), boots and bag, but unfortuantely I couldn't take pictures cause it was too dark. Here are for you, photos of nice weekend.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Butterflies flew out of my belly!

Here's today's outfit, didn't go to school but to the opening of H&M. I bought 2 pieces but I'm gonna show them to you some other time!
Don't forget to enter the giveaway HERE

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hello beauties! Thank you so much for all your nice comments. Here I am with my new post and it is A GIVEAWAY! My very first one and small, but I belive nice and I hope you'll like it. I bought this ring in Claire's while I was on my excursion with class but it doesn't fit my fingers nor my sister's fingers so I decided to give it away to one lucky girl! :))  It's the size S, and no unfortunately this gorgeous box doesn't come with it :(

What you have to do is:
-Follow me with the Google Friend Connection
-Follow me on Bloglovin HERE

For additional entry you can:
Vote for me on Yamamay contest HERE

Let me know in a comment below what steps you have completed and leave me your email so I can contact you if you win.
The Giveaway ends on September 23rd.
Good luck!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

We are daydreamers!

So, I volunteered again today with my friend and it was funny. After volunteering we went to a shopping mall and I've found some nice shirts. One by H&M which you'll see on today's outfit photos and one by Pull&Bear which was only $4, and that's really an awesome deal for Pull&Bear since they're a lil bit expensive for my wallet. But I hope in future to buy more from shops like that-Zara, Bershka, Pull&Bear and Topshop. Here are photos:

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Inspiration: Oversized sweaters

Thank you for your lovely comments! I have to confess, posting outfits every day is gonna be a tough job because I have school in the afternoon and when I come home by that is already dark outside, and before school I just don't manage to do that because of the homework or house things.
But, I hope it's gonna be better next week cause my best friend is back from excursion tonight and we're in school in the morning soo... :) 
Next week is opening of H&M in City Center One-a shopping centre behind my building so I'm super excited for that, they're gonna be giving $25 gift cards, so it's a big plus since I don't have much money...
Okay, so, I decided to put in "Thursday inspiration" on my blog, so I'm gonna post my latest inspirations and "obsessions" every thursday :)
I've been suffering for oversized sweaters and cardigans lately.
All pictures are taken from!

What do you think?