Tuesday, November 12, 2013

News and new beginings

CHANGES. It's been a long 3 and a half months of not posting here on Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams, but my imagination is not over, heels are still here to be worn and my american dreams are higher and clearer than ever. No, I didn't give up blogging here, but I had couple of hard months and situations that I had to deal with.I believe you can tell that there have been some changes on the blog! I did change my blog design, thanks to Areeba who did all the magic and patiently listened to my directions and wishes! Thank You Areeba once again!
But, first things first, I've got the new design and I've got some new, much much better quality photos thanks to my friend Ivan Molnar and his photography skills. From now on, we will collaborate together on this blog :) so you guys better prepare! :)

NOW, I will leave you with some photos Ivan and I shot in June in Opatija, I hope you will like them :)