Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Look here!

Yesterday I had lunch at mexican restaurant with my family and godfathers. Oh My God, I LOVEE LOVEE mexican food, I took "flajitas de pollo". Here are some pictures of my outfit and also, some pictures from the restaurant.

Shirt - Terranova
Watch - GUESS
Ring - gift
Skinny Jeans - ZARA
Bag - Stradivarius
Shoes - Startas Borovo

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Recent Obsession


Although there are people that don't like romantic movies, I do. I enjoy watching them.

But, here's about the book. I bought this book half a year ago in english. I love reading books in english because it somehow makes more sense to me when it comes to romance and love. Crazy I know.
The story goes about this rich, popular & good looking guy Kyle. He's conceited, has gorgeous girlfriend, everyone loves him, his dad is news reporter at TV blabla. Then he plays out the girl from school Kendra, which is, btw, a witch. She puts a spell on him and makes him ugly. Makes him everything he hated and gives him a year to find his true love, someone who sees underneath, in heart, who doesn't care about the looks. Then he notices this girl Lindy and, as he cought up her dad sneaking into his house/garden he asked him to bring her to his house to live with him in return Kyle won't call the police. So he brings her in Kyle's house and she's gonna stay there for a year, in the end they fall in love and she tells him she loves him and spell is then broken.

Movie has quite a lot of differences with the book. I recommend you to read the book first and then to watch a movie.
Vanessa Hudgens plays Lindy, Alex Pettyfer Kyle and Mary Kate Olsen Kendra. I am so obsessed with this story that i've already watched movie 2 times in one day hahah. And I just soo love Mary Kate's role and acting.

Have you, maybe, already read this book or seen this movie? What do you think about it? Do you love romantic stories?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Postcards from Europe

Grüßgot! :)

I am back from 7 days trip to Austria, Slovakia and Czech Republik! I am so stoked and amazed by what I've seen, what I've experienced and who I've met... This have been the most wonderful 7 days in past 2 years!
Here are some pictures of the moments I've lived through.

I love Vienna and I love Prague! Both cities are wonderful to be in and to live in. I visited so many places in Prague, went 2 nights at the club Karlovy Lazne, which was amazing, parties we had in our rooms and shopping tours around the town.. but the biggest memory I will remember from this trip is Bring Me The Horizon concert which was in Prague on June 16th. Firstly, I had a ticket to one in Zagreb a day before going to trip but it was cancelled. Then, this date was destiny, as well as this concert. I went there with taxi, cause underground didn't work and bought ticket for it. Although I was 10-15 minutes late to concert I still made it to the first line and got Jona's pick. I enjoyed the concert so much, because I've been listening them since I was 14.

Well, I don't want to make this post too long so I'm gonna finish it here, although I have so many things to show you!
Gonna make one post tonight also.
Bbye <3

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jon Bon Jovi or 30 Seconds To Mars? Maybe Bring Me The Horizon or KoRn?

Hello dears!
I am so super excited and happy I cannot probably describe it. In this last week happend like perfect things and life looked just the way I wanted it to be.
When I found out Bon Jovi was going to come to Croatia I intended to buy the ticket but I couldn't collect some money for it. On June the 8th I saw a contest on Bon Jovi Official Facebook Page and decided to try out my luck. They said whoever comes with the password will get "Diamond Ring" ticket, which was the most expensive one, about 200€!! I went there and told the password together with my 4 friends and sister and I got the ticket. I was in the first line of Bon Jovi's concert and I had a great time! Guys are awesome live, super hot and simpatic! I totally loved it. Here are 2 pictures(the rest of them is on my sister's computer):

Isn't he super good looking for his age? :D

So, 2 days after Bon Jovi's concert was Mars festival where 30 Seconds To Mars was headliner of the festival. I've been listening to this band since I was 14, which makes it 4 years now and I am so stoked and so happy, and I still cannot believe I've seen them live! Although I adore them, and I love the fact that I was at the show this was the most agressive concert in my entire life! Neither Slipknot, The Rasmus or Metallica were like that! So everyone was screaming so fucking much and hysterical that it wasn't possible to believe! Also, when Jared came closer happend "the domino effect" everyone were about to fall down like dominos! I have bruises all over my body and the drummer of the Dredg hit me with his drumm stick in my head -.-
But, it doesn't matter, I am so happy I've been there. Here are few pictures.

Wonderful Jared *O*  Would marry him! :D

Here are some things I bought 2 days ago:

What do you think about my new Disney-Minnie Mouse flipflops? I LOOVE them and they're super comfortable for walking! I also love my new bow head band!

Flip-flops = funky fish
Bow Headband = Bershka

Okay, now it's really late and I really wanted to make this post since I haven't got any time before.
In about, 4 and a half hours I'm gonna be on my way to Vienna, Austria with my class, where I'll stay just for a day on sightseeing, and then I'm going to Bratislava, Slovakia and I'm gonna sleep over in a hotel and do sightseeing and in the late afternoon we're going to Prague, Czech Republic! I am so excited about the trip, I only hope my bag won't explode from all the clothes I'm bringing with me. I'm gonna be off the computer and internet for 7 days! When I get back I'm gonna post pictures and some outfits probably!
Untill then, enjoy your life and be happy :)
Bye <3

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rainbow all over the sky

Hello :)

I have, again, neglected posting on this blog. Sorry for that. There's just too many things that have been going on in my life... Well, I wanted to take pictures of 2 outfits but ofcourse or I didn't have time or rain ruined my plans.
This weekend has absolutely been destroyed and I'm not sure what the hell happened and with what I desirved some things. Negative ones..
But there is one thing that was absolutely okay for me, and kept me "on the surface of the ocean" between crying and worrying about stuff, feelings and relations to specified person/s. My friend came from the other town, which is like, an hour away from Zagreb. I love how he can cheer me up, make me smile and just calm me down with his presence. I met him 4 years ago over my first blog which was about my favourite band Tokio Hotel. And, probably, he WILL KILL me because of this picture.

Hopefully he won't :Đ

Um, this weather is changing all the time here and today, was so freaking hot while I was on the mass that it burned my hands -.- but then, at about 7.30 pm it started raining, my mum told me to come look at the sky and there were 2 rainbows!!! They looked absolutely amazing! Here's the picture:

Oh, here are my new shorts, bought in TOPSHOP on a super great deal!

Don't you think this rainbow is superb? And do you like my new shorts? :)
Have a great beginning of the week!
Bye <3