Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hi! Well, recently I've found some awesome blogs and their owners to follow.
What I discovered, and found like God's gift made for me to use are Neon Lipsticks and Cross necklaces, rings or braclets. Ofcourse this beautiful country doesn't have Neon lipsticks to buy, and if it might have, they are too expensive... So I came over this beautiful website/online make up shop owned by gorgeous Doe Deere and by, I truly believe, affordable prices. Her make up isn't tested on animals and is certified cruelty-free by PETA.
Currently I am totally broke, there's $60 in my wallet and that goes to a counselor at American Institute so he could find me a full scholarship for the college. But, as soon as I get some money I am gonna purchase one or more of these beautiful lipsticks. Take a look.

Sorry if this pictues are put messy but this blogger just won't listen! Anyway.

This make up is called Lime Crime, Doe also sells Eye Shadows along with lipsticks, eyeshadows are cool, but these are my favourite.

And the packages of lipsticks and eyeshadows are awesome-unicorns! :D I totally love it and love Doe for doing this! Give it a shot guys :))
Also, there's an internet site I found on Bebe Zeva's blog. It's with accessories and OHMYGOD. It's perfect. Take a look on their page, i'd like to post pictures but for some reason they don't allow to do that. :)

So, that's it, I just wanted to share with you some of many things on my wishlist. :)
Byee. <3

Do you like Lime Crime makeup? What are your favourite lipsticks and eye shadows?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Firework festival

Hello beauties! :)
Well, today is 4th of July, so big greetings to Americans and happy independance day to them, especially my friends Trevor and Holly!! :)
Yesterday I finally went out with my friends Dea (visit her and Edvina to a Firework festival at the lake in my town. The festival lasted for 3 days, but I only attended the last one. We bought some beer and popcorns, layed on the blanket and were just enjoying and laughing to tears!! I just love these two girl, it's never boring with them! :)

So, I decided to make some big changes in my life. First step was my hair. I had that type of hairstyle, colour and length for 3 years and I really needed some changes. Although I couldn't decide which colour to take I finally took "atlantic blue" by "Directions hair dye". Hairdresser bleached my dark brown hair (sorry for maltreating you my lovely hair :( ) and cut off the long part. She dyed my hair blue, and ofcourse it didn't come out as expected -I'm not the ocean, I am the sea now haha. But anyway, it's lagoon/turqoise blue and green now and the length is just before it reaches my shoulders. I love how short it is! :)

Well, soon my teacher goes to the States and I asked her to buy new shoes for me, which are not available in Croatia, nor they have shipping in Europe except for the UK. Shoes are TOMS, and although they might be ugly to 90% of you, I love them in some weird way haha.
Blue Bridgeport Linnen Classic
Black Canvas Classics

They are actually on a good deal - $48! 
Which one to choose Blue Bridgeport Linnen Classics or Black Canvas Classics?
Btw, hype my look on lookbook!
Byee, xoxo

Friday, July 1, 2011


So, this week hasn't been the best. I mean, it's not like something's bothering me, it's just been so boring. I forced myself to go to town in the early morning to take out health insurance card. I read Allyson Noël's book "Evermore" and I'm starting to read Alex Flinn's "Beastly" again, also Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn. That's only fun I have(along with tumblin', drooling over pictures on and liking pieces on, until I go to my friend in other town, which I desperately want and need. Rehab call I'd say. The other two pictures are what's on the wall on the right side of my bed. A dream catcher so I could catch every good dream I'm dreaming and the last one is on the ceiling up in front of my bed so I could just remind myself to keep breathing no matter what and believing in what I really dream about for so long. That actually helps a lot.
I'm actually considering a start of one project. I will write you about that in some other post!

Ovaj tjedan nije baš najbolji. Nije da me nešto muči, nego je užasno dosadno. Natjerala sam se jutros u grad podići dopunsko, koje je, usput, bilo gotovo za 5 minuta -.- . Pročitala sam od Allyson Noël "Zauvijek" i počinjem čitati od Alex Flinn "Beastly" ponovno, na engleski. Počela sam i Praskozorje. To mi je jedina zanimacija skupa sa visenjem na tumblru, slinjenjem nad slikama na i traženja odjeće na dok ne odem u Koprivnicu Dini. Taj odlazak mi, usputno, stvarno treba. Rehab. Zadnje dvije slike su ono što mi se nalazi na desnoj strani kreveta, dream catcher i neke izreke. Tamo su još i karte svih koncerata na kojima sam bila ali nisam to sad stavljala. Na stropu su neke slike da me podsjete tomu što piše u nekim slabijim trenucima.
Razmatram jednu ideju, da počnem projekt, ali o tome u nekom drugom postu.