Monday, August 29, 2011

Rock'n'Roll saved us all!

Hello peeps! I'm sorry for the lack of updates, or leting so much time pass between posts, I just had to get my ass out of the house to shoot something.
I'm always afraid that the pics won't turn out the way I wanted them to, or yes well that.
Today, I decided to pull out my mom's old, black leather dress that she was wearing when she was my age. I just wanted something simple, but yet something that will describe my type of music. I just paired it with my Doc Marten's shoes aand with my anke highs, rosary and cross rings-don't antagonize me, I love Jesus and God, and I believe, it's not something against faith or whatever. Scroll down for more pictures!

So much LOVE for the States. Hope the East Coast is doing well!
Kisses to my lovely Holly and Trevor <3
Kisses to all of you too :)  :*
Dolly, xo

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today has been quite great!
My cousin had his birthday "party" (11 years!). As I scheduled going to movies with my friend a week ago I couldn't go to the family party for my cousin. However I went to them before going to movies and it was okay, I got cookies from my aunt! The movie we were going to see is Scream 4. It's classic you know, I watched it when I was only 13 I think and it was good to see old things :D
Just right before the movies my friend and I went to the pastry, well known in our country.
Oh and, btw here are some shots of my today's outfit.

(Top-Tally Wejl, Shorts-Stradivarius, Flats-Graceland, Rings-Accessorize, Headband-Claire's)

How do you like it?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Boots and John Lennon's glasses obsession!

Hello beauties! How you've been?

I just took a shower and I'm waiting for my mum to make some popcorns and I'm going to watch Shark Swarm 1 and 2. I'm pretty much a lover of those scary movies with sharks and then, when I watch it, it scares shit out of me and I cannot enter the sea lol. Oh well, so much about these evening plans. What I wanted to share with you is that I am completely obsessed with boots! Here are few of them I love and hope to purchase soon!

All of these are by H&M and I lost my head for the last ones especially. 
You know, I love Mary Kate Olsen, and I've loved her since the Full House. Her style is unique and she also wears John Lennon glasses very often. I find them quite cool and would like to buy ones! At least, the ones from thrift or vintage store!

Oh! Almost forgot, I bought this boots in Bershka on sale! They were $77 and now they are $19! Such a great deal and I found my number! I am super happy with that! Here they are:

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What do you think about my new boots? Do you love biker boots or any kind of summer&winter boots?
Do you love Lennon glasses? Tell me what do you think in comments!
Love, Dolly

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let me live!

It's been a month since I last blogged, and feel awful because of it, but summer is definetly going in the direction I haven't expected, and I'm actually lovin' it! Firstly, on July 8th I got the call to go work in a hotel on the Island of Krk. I was more than happy to go there work because I really was kind of sad and had nothing to do with myself plus, totally broke. So I spent a little less than a month on the island and met wonderful people from other parts of the country. Here are some pictures of moments spent there.

I came back home on August the 1st with the greatest news so far! My friend won 4 tickets to Sziget Festival in Budapest(Hungary)!! We were supposed to go there on August 8th in the early morning. So there was one week to pass until the start and I was more than excited. I went to my grandparents on the village to spend some time on fresh and clean air and to charge my batteries but I got ill and had to take pills, lemonade and lots of vitamins. I came back to Zagreb on August 7th and tried to get ready for the trip but everything was so last minute and there was a lot of stuff I was taking but I somehow managed to do everything, although I forgot some things at home ofcourse. Guys, I must tell you SZIGET FESTIVAL IS AWESOME! It is definetly worth visiting, it's such a great and new experience I am so happy about. I have seen so many abilities for visitors, also, a lot of new, fashion conscioussned and beautiful people.
I've seen Prince, Rise Against, Good Charlotte, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Hadouken, Overflow, Kate Nash, Kaiser Chiefs, 30 Seconds To Mars, Kid Cudi, Dizzee Rascal, 2manydjs live. Here are some pictures.

I highly recommend you to visit Sziget festival! I hope you like the pictures, sorry because this post is too long and leave a comment. 
Have you maybe been to the Sziget Festival? Or, have you visited Budapest? What do you think about this beautiful city?