Monday, July 4, 2011

Firework festival

Hello beauties! :)
Well, today is 4th of July, so big greetings to Americans and happy independance day to them, especially my friends Trevor and Holly!! :)
Yesterday I finally went out with my friends Dea (visit her and Edvina to a Firework festival at the lake in my town. The festival lasted for 3 days, but I only attended the last one. We bought some beer and popcorns, layed on the blanket and were just enjoying and laughing to tears!! I just love these two girl, it's never boring with them! :)

So, I decided to make some big changes in my life. First step was my hair. I had that type of hairstyle, colour and length for 3 years and I really needed some changes. Although I couldn't decide which colour to take I finally took "atlantic blue" by "Directions hair dye". Hairdresser bleached my dark brown hair (sorry for maltreating you my lovely hair :( ) and cut off the long part. She dyed my hair blue, and ofcourse it didn't come out as expected -I'm not the ocean, I am the sea now haha. But anyway, it's lagoon/turqoise blue and green now and the length is just before it reaches my shoulders. I love how short it is! :)

Well, soon my teacher goes to the States and I asked her to buy new shoes for me, which are not available in Croatia, nor they have shipping in Europe except for the UK. Shoes are TOMS, and although they might be ugly to 90% of you, I love them in some weird way haha.
Blue Bridgeport Linnen Classic
Black Canvas Classics

They are actually on a good deal - $48! 
Which one to choose Blue Bridgeport Linnen Classics or Black Canvas Classics?
Btw, hype my look on lookbook!
Byee, xoxo


Dea said...

baš je bio divan vatromet! *o*

Dolly said...

najdivniji! *O*

Anonymous said...

gledaj to ovako:
crno ti ide uz sve! AAAHHAHA
lijepe su i plave :D al pogledaj koje boje imaš u ormaru. plavo ide uz sve nijanse plave te uz žuto i narannčasto.i uz crveno nekada. uz zeleno se već gubi i ljubičasto. uz crno i bijelo dakako ide. pa eto, ovo je moje mišljenje :D marino

Dolly said...

hmm...Imaš pravo, da bar imam para kupiti oba para! Al da, nemrem sve dobiti xD
thanks for help, i'll consider your suggestion :D
i ti si valjda jedina nada da itko ovo dozivljava kaj pisem(kad te ne zamolim haha).

Anonymous said...

joj ja ti sve doživljavam,al ozbiljno. al ne komentiram HAHAHAHAH lijen sam xD

Natasha said...

Love your shorts and your hair looks awesome xxx

Fabrizia Spinelli said...

Hi! I like this post so much, you look really great!And what fantastic fireworks!!
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