Friday, October 14, 2011


Hey guys! Thanks for nice comments, I appriciate it!
I am so without any will for anything. I have to study, but I am too lazy. I have to go to school tomorrow, which in one hand is okay for me cause this way or that way I would stay at home over the weekend and had NO fun, so at least I'm gonna be surrounded with people for couple of hours more, in the other hand is not okay because I am so tired, and all I wanna do is lay on the bed and sleep for hours and hours. I wanted to take some photos of the outfits, but I guess none of the "friends" is free. At least one is too lazy to help, huh? Anyways, I 'm sorry for spreading a bad energy here, but it's a blog/diary , I can say what's on my mind right?
Here's what I made in polyvore, few months back, but I think it would fit this wather somehow.

What do you think? 
I love these heels by Alexander McQueen(r.i.p)
Dolly, xo

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Jardin de la Mode said...

Great items honey! Enjoy your weekend dear ♥


Sara - HangoverCHIC said...

wake up wake up!!cheer upaj se :)) imam i ja dane di bi prespavala zivot ali nema smisla dodatnom bediranju..a sto se tice fotkanja,razumjem te jer mislim da ja svojima idem prek glave vise stime ali ne posustajem..oni to jednostavno moooraju ;)

Anonymous said...

Set je super za ovo doba, pogotovo vestica i shuze <3
I daaa, ja ću te fotkat, uvijek sam za :)

the desert foxx said...

i would wear this totally-- great collage

annclara said...

Love the shoes too! He was a great designer!

Unknown said...

Totally love it!

Elena said...

Love this list! The nerdy eyeglasses and the tee with tne croos give a whole different style to the entire outfit!
Now following you with bloglovin- I really like your blog! Check out my blog if you wanna follow back!


Unknown said...

wonderful picks! it would look amazing!

and honey, you have a great blog keep on doing like this!! I LOVE IT!

follow you now!

xx, Theri