Sunday, May 20, 2012


(1), (2) = New Look wedges
(3), (4), (5) = Prada Cat Baroque Sunglasses
(6), (7) = New Look Shirt " Wild Child"
(8), (9) = Bag from Ebay

Hello there. These last 2 weeks have been the most hectic weeks of my life. I seriously tought I'm gonna colapse. I'm finished with my high school, and graduation exams are starting on Wednesday, Croatian literature being the first. So excuse me for not posting, I was so tired that I was only crashing to a bed when I was coming back from school. I bought these New Look wedges on sale for about $15 and I love them, they're the perfect height, they're comfortable and pretty! From New Look, I also bought this "Wild Child" shirt, I was looking for one for ages, I love the cut out part underneath the arms. Prada sunnies I got for my birthday and I absolutely love their greatness. As for the bag, I'm obsessed with it, it's a lot cheaper than the original and it looks the same, got it for $36! :)


Seda A said...

Oh em gee! :D I love all of Your new clothes especially the sunglasses theyre so pretty and unique!!

Minxy said...

Fantastic bag ^^

Anonymous said...

Great choice on the Prada sunglasses!!! It;s a keeper!


Unknown said...

lovely shoes!!

Beatrycze said...

Ohm. Beauty wedges and bag.

Anna said...

Great!!! Love sunglasses and bag!!! Follow each other?

Danny Winters said...

This is a grreat blog