Monday, February 17, 2014


I bet you've all heard about blogger Alexandra Perreira who writes for Lovely Pepa! I've been attracted to her blog the second I first opened it and since then I've been coming back every day to see her outfits! She truly is an inspiration for me, I could barely choose few of my favorite outfits to show you, well mostly everything is my favorite, her style is just so chic, urban, modern, classy yet grungy to simple and I love the details, accessories she puts so well in her outfits.

What do you think about her style and outfits?

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Hurtownia said...

śliczna jest ta torebka na pierwszym zdjęciu ! :)

ślub w plenerze poznań said...

Hallo, to ja Sabinka, muszę uznać, iż niesłychanie ciekawie piszesz twojego bloga, niezmiernie życzliwie na niego wstąpię jeszcze nie raz, pozdrawiam Ciebie, buziaki !